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2008-11-24: I've seen the musical light, mmmmm.

From now on all my music will be 8-bit. Thats right chiptunes are my new interest, if I played an instrument it would be a Gameboy. Think how good video game music was, now think of a new subculture out there utilizing the same technologies to create awesome awesomeness. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

So far Random takes the cake for my favorite creator yet there are many other great ones. Nullsleep speaks for himself in that regard as well as Bit Shifter and Anamanaguchi.

Its some pretty amazing stuff and December 4th to the 7th there is the Blip Festival 2008 brought to you by 8BITPEOPLES.

Here's some examples from said musicians:

Random - Give Me Your Day

Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula

Bit Shifter - Reformat the Planet

Random - Sitges Savepoint

Best part is most of the works are available at 8bitcollective to listen and enjoy. Check it out, might find a nerdy part of yourself you never knew existed.

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2008-11-20: Libertarian girls are hot!

Well heres some ranting on why libertarianism is the way to go.

However here's something quick for a lot of people out there that wanted change. What change do you expect, we've had Democrats and Republicans in office for quite some time and both parties are more worried about keeping that than anything else. Wanted change? Look at what Democrats have done to New Jersey (where I live). Its a battle with Louisiana for the most corrupt state. Its ridiculous and whats even more inane is that their "cure" for state corruption is to have more state to regulate the other parts of state. How about just removing the corrupt and unnecessary parts?

A question that people ask me a bunch finding out that I'm libertarian (possibly Anarcho-Captialist) is my views on gay marriage. Personally I think those couples are gay and as for marriage, well I'm against all marriage. Civil unions for all, let the churches do their jobs. As for the rest of the socialist mumbo jumbo, just let me choose to fail if I want to. People shouldn't be forced to have health care or a retirement plan by gun point, especially when state run plans are bloated and inefficient.

Also gun control, who does that benefit? Not the average citizen thats for sure. Who are you trying to protect? Why are you so afraid of guns? If guns kill people than spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat. Gun control is control, state control is not cool.

Neither is affirmative action, reverse racism is still racism. The government should not care what color skin I am, as an American of Irish descent I do not classify myself as a traditional 'white'. While slavery was going on here in the states my ancestors were going through a genocide in their own country. Not to mention that the Irish were the first slaves in the Caribbean as well as slaves in the states. Indentured servants my ass. Not looking for any sympathy, just pointing out that history is messed up and all we can do is what we have now. So you can shove your reverse racism and racist attitudes up your ass. I didn't own slaves, my father didn't, his grandfather didn't, and so on. The Irish were too busy worrying about genocide and such nots. "And to hell we must sail for the shores of sweet Barbados, where the sugar cane grows taller then the gods we once believed in." - Flogging Molly.

The ultimate goal for mankind should be Anarcho-Capitalism, thats what we should try and evolve towards. A society where we can govern ourselves and take full responsibility for our actions. Its not doable as of right now because majority of the world is a messed up place and people think that a government is what will keep order. So lets ease in the process, remove whats not crucial and definitely not in the Constitution then work from there.

Just a small wrap up. Many people view the government as corrupt, so why push to make it bigger? For "change"? Hopefully though Obama will do alright, time will tell.

Now finally (long rant), here's some last little nuggets for you:

  • We have the first amendment and when that doesn't work the second one will.
  • Republicans hate nudity, Democrats hate guns, Libertarians know how to change the channel.

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2008-11-08: Artie, the Strongest Man in the World!

So yeah, thats who I was for Halloween. Maybe more photos to come.

Oh, I will get around why voting Libertarian was the way to go, just been too busy working... Like a lot of you jerks should be...

Now for some real Artie action!

How can you not love him?

Pete & Pete rocks.

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2008-10-30: Election 2008.

Still don't know who to vote for? Well the decision is mad easy yo.
Perot 2008!

If you are wondering though, I will be voting Libertarian. Might tell why later but busy right now.

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2008-08-23: New Stuff.

So yeah, theres a new job. Am now working a 9-5 helping to develop a site. is its name and has some good potential to be very entertaining. Examples of my work there would be the redesign of the Media page as well as some of the paginations. Soon the new Categories page will be up. Heres a picture of my workspace:
(note: no one's picture on the wall yet)

Also, prepare to be Sex Chucked! He's back and ready to chuck your face:

Sex Chucks

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